Choosing between a Ceramic and Steel Plate Carrier – The Ceramic Option WINS!

Choosing between a Ceramic and Steel Plate Carrier

When it comes to going for a plate carrier that is designed either with ceramic or steel option, the former is a better choice.

Ceramics are also awesome considering the modern day innovation to its build up technology. They can easily stand up to heat and are generally much lighter than traditional steel armors.

Unlike steel armors that may not be able to take certain shots, the ceramic option plate carriers can easily repel a shot from 30.065 and keep the wearer alive. It has the ability to receive numerous hits from a lower caliber firearm and offers fully a level IV protection.

A ceramic plate carrier has the strength to accommodate a high-caliber bullet when it hits at it, by dissipating energy through breaking of the plate.

The spikes in front of the bullet carry on absorbing the energy and moves instead of aiming the energy directly behind it, because it’s your body that’s actually behind it.

In this scenario, ceramics are much lighter and can be made closely half the mass of steel and can still endure numerous hits from rifles such as Ak-47 models or .30**.

Considering the presence of heat, mostly in the hot sun, steel plates will get much hotter and will cause you discomforts. Thus if you’re going to be wearing a plate carrier all day, the best option for you are the ceramics as they withstand heat much better.

No one wants to feel fatigued just from wearing plates, and one of the best path to stay above this, is to always have a ceramic deal choice available in your collection as well.

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