Hunter Safety System Elite Vest

Hunter Safety System Elite Vest

While most of the best plate carrier contenders I’ve seen assume that the user would carry heavy weaponry and head into combat on level ground, some folks have to engage in combat in mountainous terrain where harnesses are required. A unit that combines a plate carrier with a harness is what an ex-mountain ranger like me sought for, and thankfully, found in the Hunter unit we’re going to discuss today.

To be honest, the light and simple design did cause some misgivings, since we’re used to much heavier harnesses. However, I soon discovered that not only does the product possess sufficient wherewithal to allow the user to survive in sub-zero temperatures (when paired with other protective gear of course), it also provides users with a wide choice of pockets and strap storing options. That said, I have noticed that some of my friends have had problems with the unit due to their style of combat being different. I shall bring these problems to light along with my own pleasant experiences in the detailed review of the unit below –

Main Features

Lightweight and Weather Resistant Unit

Made of high quality weatherproof nylon, the unit is never one to feel too heavy or unpleasant, even when all pockets have been filled with heavy ammunition and/or gear. This is important because mountain rangers and combatants like me have to endure a lot of physical strain and a light and comfortable unit is important for the body to conserve energy.

Right-Fit Zone Tailored Fit and Excellent Shock-Absorbing Tether

Hunter’s special right-fit zone allows the unit to offer a snug fit even to folks who have larger than average girth and/or height. Indeed, having doubted whether the product would be able to offer a decent fit, I found that the unit did not need a large number of straps and buckles since the fabric itself molded onto the body in a manner that made it extremely pleasant to wear.

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Further, given the vagaries of rock climbing, it is pleasant to see the unit being provided with a small tether that can absorb a huge amount of shock, thus sparing the user any physical damage when climbing under extreme situations.

6+2 Pocket Design

While mobility is vital, it is also important that the ranger be provided with sufficient provisions for carrying out effective high altitude combat. To this end, this best plate carrier contender comes with a 6+2 pocket design, of which two are deep-well pockets meant for storing ammunition and occasionally, some additional gear, safely.

In addition to these, the unit has two shallow pockets for warming one’s hands, while two others allow for storage of vital high altitude equipment, including the detachable bino ropes that the unit comes with.

Special design allows for fast but noiseless movement

Unlike some of the contenders for the position of the best plate carrier, this Hunter unit comes with a streamlined design that allows users to move as fast as they like, even when they are prone or in a hunched position.

The pace of movement is not commensurate with the amount of noise produced during movement however, since the unit’s design allows it to be extremely quiet under all conditions.

Some worrisome points

While the unit is well adapted to function in conditions involving rugged surfaces and ones with minimal cover, problems arise when the unit is applied to flat areas like deserts. Here the unit’s weatherproofing makes for extreme sweating, while the ropes, etc are useless and add unnecessary bulk. However, given that no unit is applicable across all scenarios, such problems result more from poor choice of plate carrier than any inherent defect in the unit.

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Secondly, the unit does not have a D-ring. While the attachments for harnessing the unit to ropes is an alternative, a dedicated D-ring would have made pulling the user to safety in critical situations easier.


The presence of certain specialized features can make this unit more beneficial in certain conditions compared to others, but it cannot be denied that the simple and quiet design, the provision for sufficient equipment and ammunition storage and the hardy nature of this best plate carrier contender make it ideal for use by anyone who has to engage in complex scenarios involving difficult terrain. See more top rated plate carrier