Rapid Assault Chest Rig


A security contractor for many years, I’ve found that a light and easy manoeuvrable plate carrier that does not contain too much armor is ideal for most exigencies. Not one to go in for sports vests, I decided that the Rapid Assault unit was the best plate carrier for me. Not only did it provide me with sufficient flexibility, but had enough ammunition pouches and though I didn’t really need it, a D-ring as well.

As time has moved on, I’ve found that the unit is quite durable as well, courtesy of the elegant design and the none-too-weak materials that have gone into its production. However, there are a few points of concern that have popped up from time to time as well. I shall discuss both the positives and negatives in a detailed review of the product below –

Main Features 

Large Number of Ammunition Pouches

While excessive armor or other paraphernalia may not be needed in my profession, it is necessary for any security contractor to carry a lot of ammunition. With six large ammunition pouches capable of carrying a M4 mag each, this product easily ranks among the best plate carriers in terms of the amount of ammunition carried.

Further, the pouches are easy to open courtesy of the kangaroo-style opening flaps. This allows the user to not only take out ammunition quickly in emergency situations, but also to put back spent mags without taking the eye off the gun sights.

Swivel Push-Button Release Buckle

Apart from easy ammunition access, security professionals require units that have an easy removal mechanism. This best plate carrier candidate allows for such easy removal via two swivel push-button release buckles. Such buckles, furthermore, can be operated by either hand, thus making this product ambidextrous.
If that weren’t enough, the buckles are hardy and can be unbuckled and buckled hundreds of times without there being any malfunction.

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Excellent Shoulder Padding and Easily Accessible D-Ring

Padding is necessary for users who have to handle heavy weapons. While it is rare for security professionals to come into contact with extremely heavy weaponry, the shoulder padding is useful for any weapon that has substantial recoil.

In addition to this, the product possesses a large and easily accessible D-ring that can be used by a fellow soldier to remove an injured user in the heat of the battle.

Mesh Pockets Available At the Back

Though not the most necessary of components, it is always good to have additional pockets for storing additional goods, hydration packs, etc. To this end, the manufacturer has provided the unit with mesh pockets at the back that can be easily accessed and are spacious without being a hindrance to the easy removability of the product.

A few worrisome points

One of the points that I found to be somewhat disconcerting was the absence of a reliable height adjustment mechanism. Being rather tall, I found the unit riding up on my chest instead of settling around my midsection. While this would not be an issue for those with heights of less than 6’4”, tall folks might want to consider whether they would be comfortable with the unit a staying too high on their bodies.

Secondly, while the number of ammunition pouches and mesh pockets is sufficient, there are no pockets for carrying secondary ammunition. This is fine if the user wishes to carry only one gun. However, in case the user is involved in actual combat operations, a secondary weapon is necessary and for this, additional pockets have to be attached via a belt.

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Not a unit that can be used in situations involving very heavy combat, this best plate carrier contender is nevertheless an excellent choice due to its minimalistic design and also the presence of sufficient number of pockets for carrying ammunition. Considering these alongside the fact that the product is operable by folks using either their left or right hands as their primary gun arm without any difficulty and that the presence of mesh pockets and shoulder padding can improve the overall operability and comfort of the unit when using it with heavy weaponry, it becomes clear that this product is ideal for anyone seeking a durable, flexible and feature-packed unit for situations involving small arms and law and order scenarios.

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