Super Reasons why a Civilian must BUY a Plate Carrier

why a Civilian must BUY

Plate carriers are not restricted only to soldiers or the police force BUT are also needful for civilians. Nowadays with various protests and demonstrations in the public arenas, scenarios have been recorded where the government that is meant to protect the masses end up out of frustration shooting the demonstrators and several have lost their lives in such misfortunes. With such common and other unforeseen attacks that may come up anywhere else, wouldn’t it be better and a smart-wise option to be prepared ahead of time by getting a plate carrier for you and your loved ones. Note that – this same body armor that protects our military folks could be something that would save your life too.


Below are basic reasons why as a civilian you must consider buying a plate carrier.

  1. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, you sure do need one to protect yourself at all times. Every moment you step out in a high tensed surrounding, you are at risk of stray bullets flying here and there and could hit on you. A typical case of robbery against you could leave the robber no choice than to pull a trigger on you and if you have a vest ON, then you would be alive to tell the ordeal.
  2. If you are regularly being threatened by people you know or don’t know, going the extra mile to always shield yourself with a vest will keep you safe from the unforeseen bullet that may come from such threats.
  3. If you work in security office or a school or any environment that requires your post as the security officer, a vest would save you. Even as a teacher in the school, a vest will keep you from trouble. In recent times, several teachers have been shot and killed while on the job by dudes on an attack rampage. SO why not protect yourself, and the fact is that wearing one, no one would be able to tell if you are.
  4. Working at a bank premise also requires protecting yourself by wearing a vest as this place is most of the times – the robber’s number one hit list. A body armor is not prohibited for you to wear to work and will not be visible to a prospective bank robber.
  5. And lastly if you are a delivery driver, this will shield you when making out deliveries.
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Wherever you work and operate, wearing a vest for protection cannot be overemphasized and it pays to stay alive so that you can get paid – the basic reason why you do go to your workplace in the first place.