Why You Should Get the Laser IV Body Armor

We live in troubled times. Terrorist attacks, political uprisings, rioting in the streets, taking money to the bank, intruders at home… a simple, average day can quickly take an unexpected turn. There are so many threats all around us.

Make the right decision today to protect your entire family. Get a Level IV body armor. It is not just for enforcement officers and those on the front lines. Trouble could be brewing in your own neighborhood.

Modern-day body armors are lightweight, thanks to advanced design. They are affordable too. So, everyone can get these armors to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Level IV body armor is the best quality you can find. It will give you protection against bullet wounds, knives, and spiked weapons. Get an armor, which can absorb the impact of an attack efficiently.

What Is the Level IV Body Armor?

The level IV armor is specially designed for defeating armor-piercing bullets. It provides the highest protection. The National Institute of Justice has rated it to block bullets from .30 calibers with a muzzle velocity of 2,880 feet per second. It doesn’t get better than this.

What This Armor Can Stop

The Level IV armor can stop everything – from bullets to knife attacks. It should be able to stop a hit from the 7.62MM AP “Black Tip” that is effectively an armor piercing bullet of .30-06. This armor should also be able to block M2AP rounds as well 7.62x54R – B 32 API and even an attack with the US military’s M855A1 rifle.

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It has been thoroughly checked and certified by NIJ-certified laboratories. It has the highest rating. Level III, in comparison, is a significant downgrade. So, you are completely protected when you have this armor.

What Makes This Armor So Good

This armor has been developed after several months of research and inputs from those in the frontline. Only the best quality materials are used, which is why it is so strong and effective against all threats. This armor is designed to be strong, but it is not very heavy. It has also gone through many ballistic threats, which is why you can be sure of its effectiveness.

You will find armors with monolithic ceramic plates. However, you will see spider web cracks on the plates of these armors when they are struck by a heavy round or M2AP. As a result, the plate won’t be able to block multiple rounds. In this Level IV armor, on the other hand, the crack will only have a radius of 1 to 1.5-inch, which is why the plate would be able to take multiple hits.

97% of the plate’s size is covered by the strike face ceramic, compared to only 80% in other products.

Is This Level IV Armor the Right Choice for You?

1It provides the ultimate ballistic protection. It can be the right choice for you if you are working in a private security agency, if you work in a bank, provide supplies to store, handle a lot of cash, work in the jewelry business, if you live in a dangerous neighborhood, and even if you are receiving threats.

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Body armors go back a long time. The first armors were made of leather cowhides. Those going to battle have also worn woven chains and armors made of metal, during medieval times. The armors have continued to evolve. Now, we have ballistic or bulletproof vests.

Level IV is the lightest and strongest body armor. Thanks to advanced designing, layers and layers of composites, and thorough testing, it will give you complete protection against armor-piercing rounds.