Recon Chest Rig by Modern Warrior

Recon Chest Rig by Modern Warrior

Having shifted to providing security to high profile events after spending years in the army, the best plate carrier for me would have been one that was hardly visible over the ordinary clothing of a security contractor, and hence, would not appear out of place in diverse settings. This was however not possible, and so I settled for this Modern Warrior unit that, while being minimalistic, provides sufficient storage for ammunition and other gear.

Having never used so compact a plate carrier, I had my misgivings regarding its ability to withstand wear and tear. Thankfully, the unit has lived up to the reputation of the average Modern Warrior combat-ready plate carrier amiably and even after three years, I still use the same unit. However, being small and light also brings its disadvantages. Since these advantages and disadvantages make the unit usable by certain folks and is unsuited for others, I shall assume that both types of people exist in my readership when I review the unit in detail below –

Main Features

Large Pouches in Sufficient Quantity

While those engaged in my industry would normally not need to carry more than one weapon, it has to be assumed that during some situations, two weapons have to be carried. As such, it is pleasant to see Modern Warrior including a large number of pockets for both standard M4 ammunition and the smaller secondary weapon ammunition. Further, since there is little point in extending the pockets to the back in such a minimal carrier, the pouches have been bunched at the front, thus allowing users engaged in light combat to draw out ammunition easily.

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Simple to use Flap Covers

The unit comes with some very simple flap covers with no fastenings. These and the perfect size of the pouches allow the ammunition to sit snugly in the pouches, thus reducing the chance of a mag falling out when a flap opens by mistake. On the other hand, the simple flaps make the unit ambidextrous as far as ammunition withdrawal is concerned, and also allow for rapid deployment of the unit without worrying about messy withdrawals and jamming of ammunition in the pouches.

Superior Quality Nylon Construction

As expected of a company that puts out best plate carrier challengers on a regular basis, this unit comes with a superior make with nylon as the primary construction material. This choice of material makes the unit light, easy to wear and remove and somewhat repellent to weather.

Highly Adjustable and One Size Fits Most

Since the unit is small and compact, some of my friends believed that the unit might be difficult to fit onto bodies that are large or have excessive girth. Further, many wondered if those who are too tall would be able to wear the unit. Thankfully, extensive trials by my friends have shown that the unit is so adjustable insofar as the straps and buckles are concerned that size incompatibility is almost never an issue as long as the person wearing the unit is an adult.

Worries Expressed by my friends

While the issue of size incompatibility has been settled, some issues regarding the applicability of the unit to diverse battle scenarios are harder to brush aside. For instance, the unit claims to provide pockets for gear not associated with ammunition, but there is little differentiation between the pockets meant for this purpose and the pouches used to store ammunition. This makes the unit difficult to use for those requiring communication equipment, etc.

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Further, a common refrain among users is that the unit does not provide mesh lined pockets or an overall mesh lining for the body. While such a small unit does not require as much ventilation as a larger suit, it is true that the lack of this mesh lining causes air circulation problems, while the lack of mesh pockets reduces the options for carrying additional equipment.


The shortcomings of the unit make the unit an unpleasant choice for extreme combat situations, but for every other scenario – ranging from security contracts to law and order – the presence of a sufficient number of ammunition pockets, decent adjustability and a simple flap cover system for gear/ammunition removal make this one of the best plate carriers available in the market. Read more plate carrier click here