Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Assault Scenario Stealth Black

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Assault Scenario Stealth Black

While some folks like to carry as little ammunition and vital accessories as possible, an army veteran like me has always had faith in the ability of a combination of different arms and communication equipment to get one out of difficult situations. I carried this conviction with me when I obtained an honourable discharge from the army and took up employment as a private security contractor. However, I needed gear similar to what I had been issued in the army, and to this end, found this Ultimate Arms best plate carrier contender by sheer chance.

Though initially I had a number of apprehensions regarding the ability of this unit to live up to my expectations, I soon realized that the dual ammunition pouches, excellent and light design and inclusion of dropleg compartments made this unit perfect for me. These allowed me to shrug off the shortcomings that I realized over time, but it would be unfair of me not to mention them along with the positives. Both of these shall be covered when discussing the features of the unit in detail below –

Main Features

Excellent Open Top Mag Pouches and Pistol Mag Pouches

The people behind this best plate carrier contender understand that the average person going into combat requires at least two types of weaponry, and for this reason, they’ve provided two open top pouches, each of which is capable of holding two mags of standard M4 ammunition. Since they do not have any flap or other closure mechanism, it takes virtually no training to remove and put mags back into the pouches in the thick of battle.

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Further, two pistol mag pouches have been provided to accommodate pistol ammunition or any other type of secondary weapon mags. With there being sufficient space for two mags of this variant as well, it becomes clear that unit has sufficient capacity for allowing the user to enter a combat scenario without worrying about being forced to rely upon only one type of ammunition.

Heavy Duty Belt With Dropleg Ambi Holster

Few of the best plate carrier candidates in the market today come with an attached belt, and this Ultimate Arms unit is one such rarity. With a heavy duty belt that fits all types of body structures, this unit accommodates a dropleg holster that can hold a pistol or similar small weaponry, allowing users to have that much needed variety of arms choices when faced with complex situations.

Easily Accessible Medical, radio and dump pouches

A simple medical pouch that can hold first aid kits, tourniquets and so on is a vital necessity. This unit provides just such a pouch, durable and easily accessible yet large enough to accommodate sufficient medical apparatus. Further, the product has a simple radio pouch located on the chest. Having an open top design similar to that of the ammunition pouches, this pouch provides unhindered access to communication devices that may be necessary for both the user and his combat team.

Lastly, the product has a dropleg dump pouch. Dump pouches are by definition miscellaneous pouches in which users only insert items and not remove them in the field of battle. To this end the sufficiently large and durable dump pouch is easily accessible but ensures that the more vital pouches and parts (except for trouser pouches, see below) are not hindered by it.

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Weatherproof Nylon with Mesh pockets

While high quality nylon construction is becoming increasingly common in the market, I wanted a unit that would possess weatherproofing as well. This unit offered just such a combination of durability and defence against inclement weather, and I am happy to say that even after two years, neither has suffered a decline. In addition, the zippers and buckles on the unit can be operated with either hand and given that I’m left-handed, this has proved to be a boon for me.

Furthermore, the unit comes with durable mesh pockets for holding products that may not be needed in active combat but are useful in the battlefield nevertheless.

A few shortcomings to take note of

The unit offers open mag pouches for easy accessibility but some of my friends have complained that such pouches can lead to the mags falling out. On further study however, I realized that they were using non-standard sizes and since I’ve never faced a problem similar to theirs when using normal M4 mags, I believe the unit’s mag pouches are capable of holding onto standard ammunition without difficulty.

A second problem is that the unit is that the dropleg pouches can on occasion interfere with other pouches one may have on one’s trousers or belt.


It would be wrong to say that the inability of this unit to provide snug accommodation to the non-standard mags and the interference of the dropleg pouches are issues that can be brushed aside by everyone. However, it is true that the ability of this unit to provide an easily accessible, sufficiently accommodative and high durable setup without increasing the unit’s bulk and reducing its compatibility with accessories of the best plate carrier candidate is an USP that can make this one of the ideal candidates for any soldier looking to enter the field of battle well prepared and with sufficient combat options.

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